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Madam Kwan's...redux

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy


Madam Kwan's isn't a new restaurant.


It's not been refurbished neither has it been taken over by new management. Daniel still works there and the decor, while contemporary, is still very current and aging really well.

I'm reminded of Coliseum every time I come in here. But it's Coliseum if it had been refurbished.

The food is honest. The prices still good and it's dishes we grew up with. Exotic local food or being different is not the point.


Allan had Nasi Lemak with beef. You have to ask for this one. It defaults to chicken curry otherwise. And you MAY have to have a word with the manager to make it a special request.


I had Chicken Rice. Given that I now feel 10 sizes too big for my spirit I thought it was time to be a bit more disciplined with myself. But instead of guilting myself into not eating, I try and keep it as casual as possible. More of eating habits in a later post.


I was quite proud of myself. 1/4 cup of rice and the skin of the chicken all stripped off. And when I finished it, along with the cucumber and large shitake mushrooms, I found I was actually full.

And it was really, really yummy!

So all in all still a good value proposition.


I tend to order the Nasi Bojari by default. 1/4 cup of rice? I kenot lah! =P

i always go for the Nasi Bojari.

Bangsar Babe; Aiyo, you don't need to worry about carb intake lah ;-) I do... hahaha but after about a month of minimal rice I find I'm getting used to it and not really missing it.

Foodbin, ya, that's good stuff

we were there last week! hubby's default order was bojari. as for me, i share whatever my boiboi wants *roll eyes* even though eyeing for the nasi lemak hehe

Nothing looks as great as that chicken rice! YUM!

Babe, bojari is good tho. ;)

Savant, chicken rice is good ;)

i think i need to get back to stripping chicken skin..

sigh..no more smooth chicken skin sliding dwn the throat..

hahahaha :-) Joejoe ;-) It's not bad food you know. It just shouldn't be everyday food.

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