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Is Manscaping "Beckhaming" the next big Malaysian thing?

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

Pic courtesy of ohlalaparis.com
From enlightened Metrosexuals to David Beckham. From Europe to both coasts of North America. From London and New York, to our little big city, Kuala Lumpur, manscaping appears to be a growing trend. The gals have taken it all off with the Brazilian. The Boys, I suspect, to maintain a semblance of masculinity, are making sure that short back and sides don't just apply to their heads anymore.

David Beckham's HUGE Sunset Boulevard ad for Emporio Armani briefs has put the man into manscaping. Not to mention the fact that it is, for Angelenos, a "bulgeboard" rather than a "billboard." His "bikini" line has been vetted and while there are traces of "photoshopping" the pundits do speculate that the absence of "short and curlies" cannot just be attributed to clever pixel painting. In other words, our David's eyebrows aren't the only part of his depilated anatomy that feels the thin end of a razor or the rrrrip of a waxing strip. Was he trying to tell us something when he was the face of Motorola's Razr2?

Pic courtesy of imnotobsessed.com

More to the point however, is what Malaysian men are doing in the face of this trend. Some I've spoken to have pointed to good hygiene. Some feel it ADDS to their "assets" as it were, however illusory that may be. And some just feel that a nice "house" obscured by an overgrown "garden" is just a waste. After all as one put it "if the lalang is so tall it covers up the view then how?" Good question indeed. There are others whose partners insist on a quid pro quo. After all, flossing is best done after brushing your teeth. Not during more - ahem - intimate moments.

So guys, what is your take on manscaping? Do you feel secure enough to admit that you use a Black and Decker weedwhacker or would you rather keep your surreptitious swipings to yourself? Do you do it in the shower and wash the leavings down the drain or over the loo? Or are there any more ingenius ways that you don't make a mess? Tell us.


i never really like him so it doesnt affect me at all... haha!

but i love the way he strikes a ball though...

hahaha never gave it much thought..until u make me remember a story my korean fren once told me..shaving during shower..n the mom questioned all the hair everywhere...

LOL...i love the way you worded your entire post! had me laughing all the way. err...beckham's bulge in that armani ad is a little too enhanced and in-your-face, methinks, till it definitely looks like it had some photox done! =P

zewt; hahahaha ;) Brand Beckham definitely trades on likeability ;-)

joe; silly boy! he could have made sure he washed the leavings down the drain first ;-)

sooyin; thanks for compliment. I get these fits of wanting to write sometimes and then I invest more time. hahahaha Yes I believe he was ENHANCED ;-)

lol, for a split second there, I thought that billboard's in KL! Anyway, I'm not a guy but for me, I think a bit of gardening/trim is fine but to go full whack in the (wo)manscaping department just looks "wrong" or weird?! It just seems too "kiddy-ish" if you get my drift.

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