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Lifting on ban of Haze

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

The photos above were taken during the day time on 2 different days obviously. But they were taken about 18 of my strides (approx 18m) from Just Heavenly. Basically I walked accross the street and took the pics.

The air smells smoky even within an air conditioned room. It's as if, ALL the neighbours up and down the street have taken to burning their rubbish in front of their houses at the same time. The smoke stings the eyes, burns the throat, and wearing some sort of a mask has become de rigeur fashion these last 2 days.

The amazing thing is, you drive around and you still see people smoking. Go figure! Just take deep breaths, that should calm your nerves shouldn't it? ;-)

As usual, we just have to sit tight and ride this out.

Our English dailies have both reported on the extent of the haze and in some places within the Klang Valley, the air is hazardous.

I'll say this though; the government has lifted an 8 year ban on the publishing of the figures of the Air Pollutant Index and that is definitely a plus. I feel that even if the info is bad, tell people, then the rumour mill doesn't go wild.

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