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As the World Turns

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

The title of this popular daytime soap is, I feel, extremely apropo for these few days after the most divisive US election in recent history.

George Bush has been making all the right noises. But then again, he made all the right noises immediately after the last election too. The one in which the American people didn't even vote for him. The one which to my mind makes a mockery of the democracy they say they espouse. Come on, in which modern democracy do you have an elected leader who LOSES the popular vote?

Anyway, that's ancient history.

The Democrats are predictably glum but I feel that this was a blessing in disguise for them. They need to field someone like Bill Clinton again. Not just a great thinker but also a great communicator. Pundit's are already talk about Hilary Rodham Clinton running in 2008. If they can sell her to the Bible Belt and the midwestern states, they would have achieved something.

I've always wondered whether they have their elections so close to each other just to keep the economy going. They spent $4 Billion on this last one. At least in terms of what was declared.

Osama Bin Laden got what he wanted. An excuse (that's Bush if you didn't know) to continue his attacks on "The Great Satan."

And through all this, the world continues to turn.

Isn't life grand? :-)

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