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Questions and Answers

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

A dear dear friend's - she's actually like my little sister - grandmother passed away this week. I think to a large extent, while tears flowed, there was in large measure, relief, as her grandmum had been suffering from cancer for months. In the last 2 months the old lady had been bedridden, drifting in and out of sleep, alert and comatose in equal measure.

From what we were told, her grandmum could not move on and was clinging to life because she was worried about the family, despite reassurances from various family members that they were ok.

We told my friend that another good friend of mine could...and I struggle with how exactly to say this...speak to souls, those on the verge of death and those who haven't quite moved on.

So we decided to ask my friend if indeed the old lady was worried about anything and whether or not she could help her move on.

When her reply came back 2 days later, I clicked on it with some trepidation. And it read like a message from the other side. There were things which she had never been told about my friend's grandmum which she expressed.

Just so the reader understands, my friend who speaks to souls doesn't do this for a living. She's a mother who lives outside of Malaysia who until recently was very adamant that her "gift" was something to be ignored. When she chose to embrace it, she didn't do it for the money or any other motivation than to help people, dead or alive. To help the dead move on and the living find closure.

On a very real level, I believed it could be done but not until I received the reply to that query did I really internalise the fact that she was the real deal.

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